Self Portrait

Self Portrait
Collage, acrylic and tape on photograph 28 x 40 cm, 2019

I made this collage unconsciously with a photograph of me I didn’t particularly like. Just for fun. When I looked at the final work I saw myself looking strong, assertive and ready to affront the world. I realised the tape put all around my body looks like an armour to protect me from adversity. I grew up alone, cried alone and learned everything alone, and I am still here with my inner armour moving and looking forward.

I am a Collage Artist, born in France and  living between Paris and London.

Collage has been an obsession since my childhood.  

Originally I studied History, then decided to move into something more creative.

I studied make up and worked as a MUA for some years. Even then, I had the desire to do collage on people’s faces, and was less interested in classic make up.

Collaging is a great way to express myself and I like to use different media in my work, such as packaging, acrylic paint, lipstick or photography.

Thank you for visiting my website and being interested in my work.  I hope you enjoy the images here.  Please do not hesitate to contact me or to ask me about commissions. 


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